Luxury goods brand Bvlgari has opened a perfume pop-up store at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E S4.

The site is open from 7 November to 5 December and takes travellers on a journey around Ancient Europe’s Gems Road. Nataly Osmann, the protagonist of the #followmeto Instagram phenomenon, will accompany Bvlgari in unveiling the “most precious perfumes and places” on the secret Gems Road.

Le Gemme collection is laid out in a “playful yet sophisticated” environment which entices customers to try the perfumes via a series of crafted fixtures

The Bvlgari pop-up store aims to stage the story of great travellers and powerful merchants. Travellers are invited to try the brand’s Le Gemme collection of fragrances via a series of fixtures, including a kaleidoscope of colourful flowers, patterns and video.

The pop-up is decorated with the intricate mesh pattern that covers the facade and many of the interiors of the Bvlgari flagship on via Condotti. The bold circles and squares of the Roman Pantheon floor provide the interior design’s unifying theme, and an eight-pointed star pays homage to Bvlgari’s Roman roots.

Each of the upscale Le Gemme fragrances was inspired by a different jewel

Le Gemme collection, inspired by the tradition of high jewellery and its values of excellence and uniqueness, pays olfactory tribute to the precious stones that are emblematic of the Roman jeweller. Malakeos fragrance takes travellers through the grandeur and opulence of Czarist Russia. Tygar reveals India’s shimmering golden-brown Tiger’s Eye gemstone, which draws its energy from the vibrations of the earth and sun. Ambero leads travellers to the shores of the Levant in Eastern Mediterranean through the glow of Kahraman Amber, the most ancient natural treasure of the region.

#followmeto: Nataly Osmann appears in a series of stunning photos taken at different places around the world

Shoppers will also be invited to discover the Bvlgari Le Gemme Gems Road by choosing an “on the road” portrait of Nataly Osmann. In 2011, Nataly and her husband Murad Osmann started the #followmeto project, which featured striking photos of Murad following Nataly to a new location each time. The idea in the images is always the same: a girl takes a young man’s hand and leads him to one of the most iconic places on earth. The project celebrates love for travel, the unknown and beautiful places.