Travel accessories brand Go Travel has started to produce its travel pillows in the USA, with the first pieces due to roll off production lines shortly.

Go-Travel said the new venture is aimed at maintaining the brand’s high production standards while “helping to satiate rapidly-increasing demand”.

Introducing the American Dreamer: Celebrating the new US Go Travel production line.

US production will focus on Go Travel memory foam products, with a US-specific American Dreamer leading the line-up. The travel pillow features an elasticised front closure and straps to secure its position and minimise head movement.

Since entering the US market ten years ago, Go Travel has noted year-on-year double-digit growth with pillows accounting for a large proportion of its sales. The brand said it has been “exploring options for US production over the last couple of years to meet the dramatic upturn in sales”.

“The shift in manufacture has also been undertaken in an effort to keep pricing stable and competitive across the Americas, overcoming issues linked to political uncertainty and economic instability,” Go Travel stated.

Personalising a pillow: Go Travel’s Hybrid Pillow combines memory foam with an inflatable base (below).

The company said the new US facility could improve its carbon footprint through reduced shipments from China.

Go Travel has also launched a Hybrid Pillow which combines memory foam with an inflatable base. The pillow, which packs down to palm-size, is designed to offer a fit which mirrors the natural head and neck curvature. A Hybrid Universal Pillow is also available.