Blue Storks – the Belgium-based fashion and accessories wholesaler and retailer which specialises in travel retail – has added 24Bottles to its brands line-up.

24Bottles is an Italian brand that aims to end the use of disposable single-use plastic bottles. Its stainless steel ‘eco-friendly’ bottles include the 110g Urban and Clima, which features vacuum-insulated technology to protect drinks’ taste and temperature.

Introducing 24Bottles: The newcomer to the Blue Storks line-up.

The bottles are available in 500ml and 1-litre sizes and in a range of colours. The 500 ml Urban (single wall) and Clima (double wall) steel bottles cost €19.90 and €34.90 respectively.

Other 24Bottles collections include Chromatic, Wood, Vivienne Westwood and Portici.

24Bottles claims that its products are ‘CO2 emission zero’. Its carbon neutrality policy is based on offsetting the overall amount of CO2 involved in the life cycle of a single plastic bottle through worldwide reforestation projects, which include cacao, orange, coffee, avocado and mango trees, in collaboration with Treedom.

24Bottles uses a -0.08 stamp to highlight the effect each single-use bottle has on the environment.

The -0.08 number on the brand’s 500ml bottles relates to the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere to produce a single-use plastic bottle.

24Bottles also offers Sportiva Bag backpacks, which are available in six colours, and accessories which include a removable Porta Bottiglia wine rack. The rack can be attached to a bicycle frame to hold a 24Bottles bottle.

24Bottles collaborates with WeCity, a digital platform and app promoting sustainable mobility through bike, public transport and car sharing, and Clean Ocean Project which aims to reduce and possibly eliminate single-use plastic from oceans and beaches.

As reported, Aydya Group Founder and Managing Director Yusuf Okhai is also heading a “reusable revolution”, aimed at ending the use of disposable bottles and introducing reusable solutions into travel retail.