Travel retail distributor Blue Chip Group has expanded its fashion & accessories product offer with the addition of UK designer facewear brand FREKA.

Blue Chip Group introduced FREKA to travel retail on 1 January, when the brand’s products launched onboard Air China and Hainan Airlines. The brand also recently opened its flagship Hong Kong store, in the Harbour City shopping mall, which is managed by Blue Chip Group.

FREKA’s flagship Hong Kong store at Harbour City

FREKA is ergonomically designed facewear that filters and refreshes the air breathed. It is made up of two key parts: a fabric exterior wing and an interior insert. The facewear is claimed to solve the existing issues that pollution masks have such as air-leakage, discomfort, ruining make-up and humidity.

The product is also created to adapt to the shape of the face to ensure a good fit.

FREKA products feature an Internal Ventilation System and Air-Revitalization Technology for easy airflow

FREKA offers Air-Revitalization Technology through its four-layer filter design. The Air Filter 95 is said to filter out over 95% of airborne pollutants including dust, pollen, odours and exhaust fumes. The filters work in conjunction with Hinoki Vitaliser, made from a fragrant Japanese Cypress, to refresh the air with a ‘rejuvenating’ scent.

FREKA facewear is designed to fit any face shape and size

Blue Chip Group Vice President Flora Lee said: “FREKA has amazing potential to grow as the facewear trend becomes more popular. By adding amazing functions to the product, it will give additional value to customers.

“FREKA is just one of the brands we will introduce during TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition this year.”