Bijoux Terner recreated its one-price shop concept at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas last month

US. Not many businesspeople are relishing the idea of a global economic downturn, but Gabriel Bottazzi seems to be standing firmly in that camp. As CEO & President of Bijoux Terner, the one-price fashion retail concept, this dynamic young businessman believes his company’s time has come.

His optimism appears well-founded, as The Moodie Report recently announced that Lagardère Services Asia Pacific had opened two Bijoux Terner stores at Singapore Changi Airport. One is a 52sq m unit in Terminal 1, the other a 19sq m outlet in T2. Both stores carry all items for S$20, ranging from fashion jewellery, accessories and gifts.

Meeting a positively bubbly Bottazzi at the 2009 IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas on the new-look Bijoux Terner booth, the continued upgrading of the Bijoux Terner brand in all its forms – product, fixtures, visuals – was clear to see.

Showing The Moodie Report around the well-appointed booth with its stylish white sofas and hi-tech plasma screens pumping out powerful brand messages, Bottazzi said: “We have a new visual campaign and we plan to do a different one each year. We’ve upgraded our fixture design and we have added new product categories,” he enthused.

“But the biggest news is how relevant this concept is right now. It is an important moment for us.”

The biggest news is how relevant this concept is right now. It is an important moment for us
Gabriel Bottazzi
CEO & President
Bijoux Terner

Having taken on his position in 2007 from the original founders of the company, Moni and Rosa Terner, who sold the booming business to private equity group Arcapita, Bottazzi has progressed with changes to the operational side of the firm, including the supply chain, as well as price positioning and a focus on fashion trends and quality.

“This [one-price retail concept] is more relevant today,” emphasised Bottazzi. “We’ve seen growth in our distribution in the US market during the first two months of this year, and we have opened new locations in Europe.”

On the retail pricing side, the company has decided to continue with the original “Luxury at $10” policy, although in some sectors, such as cruiselines in the Caribbean and in Latin America, the US$15 price point performs well. The one-price concept broadly translates as US$10 in the US market, €15 in France and Spain, €12.99 in Italy and £10 in the UK.

As the company gears up for serious expansion under its new owners, Bottazzi says he has learned about the ideal space requirements for the Bijoux Terner concept in Europe. “We perform better with shop-in-shops rather than full stores in airports,” he said. “We offer an alternative to a higher-priced concept [within a multi-brand store].”

New developments include a fresh corporate logo with a strong design element; a revamped website at with plans for customer login; a state-of-the-art US$1 million warehouse; a new ERP system for finance/inventory, also costing US$1 million and launching in June 2009, which is expected to result in improved customer service and purchase planning; new EDI capabilities in which orders are placed automatically as soon as they come in; and a redone UPC barcode architecture in which products can be tracked.

New product categories – many targeted at a younger crowd – include: footwear such as summery flip-flops and rhinestone-covered sandals; purse accessories such as lipstick holders; handbag hangers; pillboxes; cigarette holders; 100% silk scarves; 14ct gold plated earrings; silver plated earrings; and a range of travel accessories including neck pillows and travel socks. All offered at US$10 or thereabouts. Oh, I nearly forgot – there’s even a line of merchandise for the “metrosexual” male in your life, including a line of men’s fashion jewellery that can easily double as a unisex range.

Visual merchandising has been boosted across the board, especially in key areas such as handbags and scarves. Colours are co-ordinated using the same Pantone colour shades, to guarantee consistency and colour matching. Multi-category merchandising is also much more in evidence.

Packaging for certain products, including the important watch category, has been revamped so that the bags or pouches are frequently reusable, “offering added-value to the consumer”, said Bottazzi.

For fixturing, a new, acrylic “H-fixture” has been specially developed for small spaces, using shelves or hooks. The highly flexible nature of this super-fixture can be used in many different ways in awkward airport spaces.

While the new economic reality hits home with consumers and businesses, Bottazzi is working hard to ensure he fashions a solid future for Bijoux Terner.

For details on Bijoux Terner, contact Panos Argyros, Vice President of Global Sales, Visit

The new booth featured stylish white sofas and hi-tech plasma screens that pumped out powerful brand images


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