SINGAPORE. Beschle Chocolatier Suisse, the ultra-premium Swiss chocolate-maker, has made its airport debut with King Power at the Singapore Changi.

The Basel-based chocolate brand, which had just launched in Asian travel retail with Duty Free Americas at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, marked the occasion with a celebratory event at the Oosh Bar and Restaurant in Singapore during the TFWA Asia Pacific show last week.

Patricia Beschle, fourth generation of the Beschle family (far left) with Beschle Chocolatier Travel Retail Director Worldwide Cornelia Maeder at the launch event at Oosh; Right: Maeder (centre), with two lovely models

The opening speech was delivered by Beschle Chocolatier Travel Retail Director Worldwide Cornelia Maeder, who expressed her gratitude for the support of King Power. “For Beschle it has been a great success to be able to start our Asian business here in Singapore with [King Power Duty Free and Travel Retail Managing Director] Sunil Tuli, [General Manager] Annie Loo and their team from King Power Singapore. I would like to thank Sunil and Annie for believing in new possibilities and enabling us to present ourselves here in Changi Airport.”

Tuli, who could not attend the ceremony due to an injury, said in a statement: “We are very delighted to launch Beschle Chocolatier Suisse and to be the first Asian airport carrying the luxurious Swiss chocolate brand. The delicacies will be available in Terminal 3 and Terminal 2.”

Beschle Chocolatier enjoys a prominent location at King Power’s confectionery store at Singapore Changi Airport

Commenting on Beschle’s choice of Singapore Changi for its airport launch, Maeder told The Moodie Report: “Singapore is a very strategic place for us. It is a very important airport for the luxurious brand as it serves as a hub to Europe, Middle East, US and many Asian airports.”

The Swiss brand is present in 17 domestic markets, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Bahrain, Greece and South Africa. Beschle will be available in the Philippines from June.

(Left) Passengers were treated to “˜haute couture’ chocolates from Beschle; (Right) Beschle Chocolatier adopts the boudoir style of the 1920s, interpreted in a modern way to show the constant evolution of the brand

“Beschle is moving into the Asia Pacific as it is one of the key regions we expect growth, and it is an environment where people are looking for customised and personalised products,” Maeder added.

Discussions are currently in progress, and a Beschle boutique is expected to open in Ginza, Japan by the end of the year. The brand has also set its sights on the huge China market, said Maeder. In travel retail, the brand is hoping to be present in key Asian airports such as Hong Kong International and Incheon International.

The company’s travel retail strategy is to roll out firstly in Asia, Europe, Middle East and secondly in North and South America.

TFWA Asia Pacific 2008

In line with its plans for Asia, Beschle Chocolatier Suisse also made its debut as an exhibitor at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore last week.

“The feedback so far has been really, really encouraging,” enthused Maeder, “in terms of the positive feedback and the way people speak about Beschle. They are asking if the packaging is for chocolate or for
jewels. They like the haute couture approach.”

Beschle Chocolatier Suisse exhibited for the first time at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition in Singapore

Among the products presented was the chocolatier’s latest creation, Quizas. The ultra-premium line was developed through a joint-venture collaboration with Latin American experts Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer. The aim is to produce the best quality chocolate using traditionally grown fine or flavour cocoas from single bean varieties and single area cocoas. The wider range of Beschle products uses region-specific cocoa beans selected to fit the ingredients.

Quizas uses Porcelana, a genetically pure Criollo cocoa bean, sourced from near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. The Porcelana bean is so rare that only a handful of other companies can use it, according to Beschle. “We aim for a direct collaboration with the farmers and the direct purchase of cocoa in the cocoa regions to provide a sustainable small-holder production and also to support the farmers,” said Maeder.

The ultra-premium Quizas line is made from Porcelana, a genetically pure Criollo cocoa bean sourced from near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela; the Porcelana bean is so rare that only a handful of other companies can use it

Besides the quality of its ingredients, Beschle points to the flexibility of its packaging as a key strength. “Due to the fact that Beschle compares itself with the haute couture of dressmakers of the world, the packaging is very much related to fashion and the latest trends,” added Maeder. The box packaging comes in a series of colours, and can be mixed and matched with different coloured inlays to cater to customer needs. Chocolates can also be ordered in boxes of four, nine, 16 and 32.

For Father’s Day, Beschle is introducing a 16-piece gift box containing four flavours of chocolate: Trinitario, Simple noir, Nougat and Vanille.

Also rolling out in June is a travel retail exclusive in red and gold packaging. These colours are especially popular among the Chinese, said Maeder, who believe they are auspicious colours.

In July, the company will also launch a “˜Pick and Mix’ concept, comprising mini boxes in different colours to match different price points. In addition, a hot chocolate gift box collection from the Quizas line will also be unveiled. Available in seven flavours, the coin-sized chocolates melt in hot water to create hot chocolate drinks.

For Christmas 2008, the chocolatier will launch the Pierre, a delicate praline with a hint of foie gras.

Beschle’s box packaging comes in a series of colours, and can be mixed and matched with different coloured inlays to cater to customer needs; the Red Collection (above) is a travel retail exclusive specially created for Chinese New Year

Beschle aims to capitalise on the fast-growing health trend in upcoming products for 2009. “Beschle chocolates have a very high cocoa content,” said Maeder. “We will come out with many more novelties related to [the health trend], such as sugarless chocolates.”

Beschle Chocolatier Suisse retails in King Power’s stores from S$15 for the mini boxes to S$80 for the big boxes and duty free exclusives.

For details, contact Cornelia Maeder, Travel Retail Director Worldwide, Beschle Chocolatier, tel: +852 9730 6908, or e-mail Visit

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