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During the past 30 years-plus period, Beijing HangJu’s parent company TravelSky (中国航信)* has established four business information systems spanning ticket booking, departing, distribution and settlement, which as a whole has supported the informatisation development of China’s civil aviation industry. Its services cover 300+ domestic cities and 100+ international cities.

TravelSky provides technical support and local services for nearly 40 domestic airlines, 20+ regional and overseas airlines, 220+ domestic airports, 140+ overseas airports, and 8,000+ ticket agents. It has become the only large-scale civil aviation business information system network that operates independently in a developing country and maintains sustainable development.

CHINA. Beijing Hangju (a wholly-owned subsidiary of TravelSky Technology Limited) and Jessica’s Secret have jointly released a new report titled ‘National Day Golden Week Hainan tourism flight data’.

The report offers crucial insight into this crucial period for travel retailers. For Chinese residents, there are two long holidays every year, the National Day Golden Week and the Spring Festival. Each runs for seven days.

Some Chinese residents go home to visit relatives, while others opt to take a vacation with family or friends in other places. Before the pandemic, these two important holidays also represented the peak time for Chinese tourists to travel overseas. Due to the official implementation of Hainan’s enhanced offshore duty free shopping policy in July 2020, and the fact that Hainan is the only island tour available in China at present, Hainan reinforced its status as a highly preferred vacation destinations for inland tourists during the Golden Week.

Some tourists tend to ask for leave to travel to Hainan before October 1st, or to leave the island later than October 7th. Beijing Hangju and Jessica’s Secret decided to choose the period between September 26th to October 9th to give brands and retailers a deeper and better analysis of Mainland tourists’ behaviour in the Golden Week. The findings are beneficial to market analysis and improve commercial operations, the two parties said.

Number of tourists flying to Hainan

According to the joint data, from September 26th to October 9th, a total of 764,135 tourists (836,734 in 2020, YoY -8.68%) from mainland China went to Hainan by air, among which 389,277 (421,596 in 2020, YoY -7.67%) entered via Haikou Meilan International Airport; while 366,340 (407,890 in 2020, YoY -10.19%) did so via Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

Additionally 8,518 visitors (7,248 in 2020, YoY +17.52%) entered through Qionghai Bo’ao Airport.

Source: Beijing Hangju and Jessica’s Secret (Click to enlarge)

From October 1st to October 7th, the total number of flight passengers to Hainan was 418,091, (441,761 in 2020, YoY -5.36%), including 212,576 (219,950 in 2020, YoY -3.35%) to Haikou Meilan International Airport; 200,714 (218,006 in 2020, YoY -7.93%) to Sanya Phoenix International Airport and 4,801 tourists (3,805 in 2020, YoY +26.18%) to Qionghai Bo’ao Airport.

Number of tourists flying from Hainan

From September 26th to October 9th, a total of 721,739 passengers (818,924 in 2020, YoY -11.87%) left Hainan by air, among which 372,550 (420,251 in 2020, YoY -11.35%) took off from Haikou Meilan International Airport; 341,221 tourists (391,904 in 2020, YoY -12.93%) from Sanya Phoenix International Airport; and 7,968 (6,769 in 2020, YoY +17.71%) from Qionghai Bo’ao Airport.

From October 1st to October 7th, a total of 386,534 visitors (408,331 in 2020, YoY -5.34%) flew out of Hainan, of which 199,405 (209,746 in 2020, YoY -4.93%) tourists took off from Haikou Meilan International Airport. Additionally, 182,557 (195,185 in 2020, YoY -6.47%) took off from Sanya Phoenix International Airport and 4,572 tourists (3,400 in 2020, YoY +34.47%) from Qionghai Bo’ao Airport.

Airport peak periods

During the National Day Golden Week, the peak period for tourists to Hainan Island by air ran from September 30th to October 2nd, with a total of 206,940 visitors. Numbers entering the province from the three airports on September 30 reach 67,671, climbing to a peak on October 1 of 72,402 and reaching 66,867 on October 2nd.

Another busy period, from October 5th to October 7th, saw a total of 192,617 passengers. Passenger numbers entering the three airports reached 62,703 on October 5th, climbed to 66,767 on October 6th, and hitting a robust 63,147 on October 7th.

The October 6th to 7th period saw a small return traffic peak at Haikou Meilan International Airport, which was largely due to the return of migrant workers in Haikou. Sanya showed no such spike, reflecting the fact that Haikou is the administrative center of Hainan Province and Sanya is more of a tourist city.

* If you want more detailed data and user portraits, please contact Jessica’s Secret.

About the Beijing Hangju and Jessica’s Secret partnership

On September 15th this year, Beijing Hangju and Jessica’s Secret officially reached a cooperation, and will jointly release Hainan Tourist Group Portrait Report to the global travel retail industry every month from November 2021,

Important, in addition to the three airports of Hainan Province: Haikou Meilan International Airport, Sanya Phoenix International Airport and Qionghai Bo’ao International Airport, the user portraits of Haikou New Port and Haikou Xiuying Port will also be included – covering all the data portraits of island visitors. The report will describe the number of visitors, age, gender, duration of stay in Hainan, origin city and other comprehensive data. The output of this report will be of immense help to the business development of tourism retail industry in Hainan, the publishers said.

Beijing Hangju Introduction

Beijing HangJu Credit Management Co Ltd (Beijing HangJu), founded in 2014, is an information technology subsidiary of China TravelSky Technology Limited and has particular knowledge of China’s air travel data business. The company possesses first-hand Hainan air travel passenger data, renowned for its reliability and authority.

Beijing Hangju, founded in 2014, is a wholly owned subsidiary of China TravelSky Technology Limited (‘TravelSky’ – Hong Kong stock code 00696), specialising in cross-border big data.

TravelSky (中国航信) was founded in October 2000 by Civil Aviation Administration of China Computer Information Center and all China’s domestic airlines of that time. It is a central enterprise administrated by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). It is a solely state-owned hi-tech enterprise specialised in providing information services for air transportation and travel industry.

In July 2008, TravelSky, with TravelSky Technology Limited as its core, completed a restructuring of its main business and assets, and went public in Hong Kong as an integrated enterprise.

TravelSky is the world’s third-largest global distribution system (GDS) and has the world’s largest Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) data processing center.

Jessica’s Secret Introduction

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica’s Secret has undergone a transformation and upgrading. In addition to enhancing its popular global duty-free price comparison application, Jessica’s Secret, the company has expanded to include industry report and data analysis services.

Key stories from China and related to Chinese travellers are featured each week on The Moodie Davitt Report’s WeChat Official Account. Please scan the QR code to follow us.

Oriental Travel Retail Observer (OTRO), one of its signature reports, has received wide critical acclaim and has become increasingly influential in the travel retail industry.

Another of its acclaimed new core products, Aitracking Travel Retail Price Analysis System, is also purchased by several top brands and retailers.

The founder of Jessica’s Secret, Mirko Wang, who has been working in the travel retail industry for more than six years, has a deep understanding of China’s duty-free industry and of Chinese consumers. He has attended forums and workshops run by Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, CICC, HSBC and other top investment banks and delivered many keynote speeches, analyzing trends and changes within the travel retail market.

The company also provides the data for the acclaimed Jessica’s Secret Index, produced on its behalf by The Moodie Davitt Report, which provides an indicator of what’s hot with the app’s predominantly younger Chinese traveller user base. The results do not represent sales rankings (especially during the current crisis) but offer a useful insight into Chinese consumer interest on a monthly basis.

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