AUSTRALIA. Leading travel retailer AWPL has introduced Buch and Deichman (B+D) eyewear to Australian travel retail with an exclusive launch across the country’s airports.

The Danish-designed reading glasses brand offers lenses in a range of strengths and coatings.

B+D CEO Roberto Crom said: “We are really pleased about the launch of our products in Australia. We believe that, with AWPL, we will be able to offer an exciting range of eyewear to visitors at Australian airports. By working together, we can guarantee that our wide range of readers will be available throughout Australia. All of the B+D team and I are convinced that this is the start of long and fruitful commercial relationship.”

AWPL Managing Director Costa Kouros added: “From the moment I saw the B+D range and met Roberto and his wonderful team, I knew that this partnership would succeed. We are about delivering constant innovation, as is B+D. Customers will love this addition to their travel experience.”

Blue Ban Readers: Offering 100% UV 400 protection

The B+D range includes B+D Digital and Blue Ban Readers. Both products claim to reduce the transmittance of harmful blue light from digital devices, reducing symptoms of excessive use of those digital devices. including eye strain, redness, irritation, dry eyes, blurred vision, general fatigue and headaches.

B+D Digital readers, which are available in six colour combinations, are targeted at millennial consumers, offering a fashion-forward look and blue light reduction without magnification. Blue Ban readers have 100% UV 400 protection and are available in five different pre-graduated powers:  +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, and 3.00.