A new spray to guard against harmful bacteria has entered the travel retail market at three US east coast airports with partner OTG.

PlaneAire is now available from three US airports.

Following an online launch, PlaneAire Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist is now available at OTG-run CIBO Express Gourmet Markets in John F. Kennedy International Terminal 2, LaGuardia Airport Terminals A, C and D and Newark Liberty International Terminal C.

Health-conscious travellers can pick up a carry-on-sized, 2-fl.oz. bottle of PlaneAire, aimed at protecting them against illness-causing bacteria.

PlaneAire’s maker says the antibacterial, antiviral mist is made with pure certified organic essential oils and fruit-derived ingredients that eliminate 99.99% of bacteria commonly found in airplanes and on surfaces when travelling.

Once the non-aerosol, non-staining fine mist is sprayed, the plant-based product kills MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. PlaneAire evaporates leaving a herbal scent.

Deborah Lu Lynch, President of brand owner EverywhereAire, said: “PlaneAire was formulated to provide a 100% all-natural approach to healthier air travel. As a new brand, we couldn’t be more excited about being on the shelves of CIBO stores in New York and New Jersey airports.

“It is a testament to the product’s innovation and demand in the marketplace. We understand that travellers want to eliminate the stress of fighting germs when they travel, and we are thrilled that PlaneAire is accessible in airports as the summer season begins.”

PlaneAire Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist is made in the US and retails for US$15.99 for a 2-fl.oz. (60ml), TSA-approved bottle in CIBO Express Gourmet Markets.

It can be used in the air and on all surfaces that are prone to host bacteria, such as hand rests, seats, seat belts, seat pockets, tray tables, kiosks, toilets and air vents.