A Bombay Sapphire campaign titled ‘Stir Creativity’ has launched in travel retail, debuting with Dufry at Melbourne Airport with an ambitious month-long activation.

Bacardi Global Travel Retail (GTR) said the campaign targeted travellers in the busy November holiday period and aimed to share with them the “inspiration and creativity” of the Bombay Sapphire brand.

One part gin, three parts You: A month-long activation at Melbourne Airport aimed to engage consumers with the “inspiration and creativity” of Bombay Sapphire.

According to IWSR figures quoted by Bacardi GTR, Bombay Sapphire is the most popular premium-plus gin in Australia and the leading gin brand in Australia travel retail with 46% market share.

The company said IWSR also showed Bombay Sapphire as the best-selling gin globally in travel retail for nine years, with 25% share of the total gin category and 32% of premium-plus gin, and a five-year compound annual growth rate of +4%.

As they journeyed through departures, travellers encountered various areas that allowed them to learn about Bombay Sapphire and its ingredients. They were invited to smell various garnishes and make note of their favourites.

The month-long Stir Creativity campaign sought to engage travellers at various points along the journey through departures.

At the entrance to the walk-through Dufry store the message, ‘How will you create your perfect Bombay tonic? Get creative at the bar today!’ was displayed on pillars, signs and a digital screen.

Atomisers were just one of a variety of elements designed to engage customers’ sense of smell.

Visitors next encountered a branded space featuring light boxes and interactive elements designed to engage their sense of smell.

Other elements included displays filled with Bombay Sapphire ingredients and garnishes, and a Mix-it Bar where travellers were invited to create their own Bombay & tonic. Bacardi GTR said this “unlocked the key to the power of personalisation; a huge global retail trend.”

Having gathered knowledge about various mixers, ingredients and garnishes along their journey, customers arrived at the Mix-it Bar, where they were invited to concoct their ideal Bombay & tonic cocktail. Mixologists were on hand to ensure the perfect pour.

Drinks in hand, customers were encouraged to take photos in front of specially designed backgrounds and share them using the hashtag #StirCreativity – the new Bombay Sapphire global hashtag. These were projected onto a huge digital screen that also offered a photo backdrop.

On purchase of a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, customers received a gift bag as well as a personalised neck tag featuring the recipe they had created at the Mix-it Bar.

The activation offered various photo opportunities and encouraged visitors to share their pictures with the hashtag #StirCreativity.

The Stir Creativity campaign, said Bacardi GTR, is “all about customisation and personalisation”. This was reflected in the slogan ‘One part gin, three parts You’. Stir Creativity aims to educate consumers about Bombay Sapphire in a “compelling” way.

The activation was also extended to the airport’s Plaza Premium Lounge and even to the domestic market, to downtown partner bar Ludlow, both of which offered Bombay & tonic during November. Passengers spending A$65 or more at the airport received a voucher for a Bombay cocktail, redeemable either at Ludlow or at Two Johns Taphouse Bar at the airport.

The #StirCreativity posts were then displayed on a huge screen, which also proved a striking background for travellers’ photos.

Bacardi GTR Marketing Director Julie Witherden commented: “We know just how powerful well-placed, positive disruption can be in driving conversion and the all-important impulse purchase, especially at this time of year when gifting is so prevalent.

“We’ve partnered with Dufry and Melbourne Airport to identify the optimal space, adding fun and creativity at key points on the airport journey.

“We’re very happy to see just how enthusiastically consumers are embracing the chance to unleash their creativity and to personalise their perfect Bombay Sapphire & tonic, in an educational experience they can take with them after they’ve left the airport, on holiday or to downtown Melbourne and our partner bars.”