Bacardi Global Travel Retail recently teamed up with DFS Group to execute the inaugural spirits promotion at Singapore Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4.

The campaign at the full-scale cocktail bar ran throughout November and December and aimed to showcase the versatility of Bacardi’s portfolio in the art of cocktail-making. Featured spirits included Bombay Sapphire gin, Grey Goose vodka and Bacardi rum.

Elevating the shopper experience: The campaign maximised the potential of the new permanent full-scale cocktail bar premium promotional space

The promotion highlighted the new Grey Goose limited-edition seasonal Christmas Alpine gift pack and a Thomas Heatherwick-inspired Glasshouse Bombay Sapphire pack, which included an automatic atomiser of botanical scents.

Bacardi Brand Ambassador Ricky Paiva showcased his personal style of cocktail-making and encouraged travellers to discover the flavours and heritage behind each brand. Visitors could sample a variety of cocktails, including Paiva’s Bombay Sapphire and tonic with orange and peppercorn, created exclusively to celebrate the launch of Terminal 4.

Ricky Paiva (pictured below), the original head bartender at the Manhattan Bar in Singapore’s Regent Hotel, entertained visitors with his style of cocktail-making

The curved bar, which included equipment and fresh ingredients, invited shoppers to become travel mixologists through the guidance of brand ambassadors. Classic serves of Bacardi Mojito and Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz were also offered.

A large video screen at the promotion played films and animations about the brand stories and product details.

The supporting display elements of the campaign included fresh ingredients and a product display stand echoing the architecture of the Bombay Sapphire distillery