NORWAY. Avinor has partnered with IDeaS Revenue Solutions to optimise the car park revenue model at Oslo Airport.

IDeaS’s Car Park Revenue Management System enables automatic revenue management and price distribution. The web-based, self-learning tool uses SAS Analytics software, data visualisations and interactive dashboards to forecast parking demand and enable optimal pricing decisions to be set over a full booking window.

The result is that travellers using Oslo Airport’s 11 car parks are accurately charged according to demand. Customers will also receive more dynamic pricing on Avinor’s pre-book solution.

Revenue growth potential: Oslo Airport has 11 car parks and more than 20,000 parking spaces.

Avinor Category Manager Amy-Caroline Løken said: “In an increasingly complex ground transportation environment we recognised that, while we have done a good job to date, investing in analytics to better understand and price the demand for our car park business would enable us to optimise our parking inventory.

“It would also create a better customer experience for the growing number of travellers looking to pre-book online.

“IDeaS will not only give us a system to automate pricing updates to our selling systems, but will also guide us through the journey given their extensive expertise in airport parking revenue management.”

IDeaS Director of Strategic Accounts Guy Barnes commented: “One of the best ways airports can manage a correct pricing system is through applying automated revenue management to their parking assets.

“Moving from manual or less sophisticated pricing decision-making to a data-driven environment delivers significant revenue growth to an area that typically delivers the greatest EBITDA for airports. We’re excited to partner with Avinor and Oslo Airport, and we look forward to working with the team to provide increased control in driving performance.”