AUSTRALIA. Fast-growing spirits company ASM Liquor has launched a range of premium spirits made without the chemicals which contribute to hangovers.

Made without residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, ASM’s flagship liquor Vodka O and its four new spirits – Kinky Nero dark rum, Kinky Lux white rum, Jinn Dry Gin and Tequila Blu – are hailed as “a new kind of clean green alcoholic beverages”, said the Sydney-based company.

The spirits are produced using ASM’s original patented evaporative and charcoal-filtering process. They are free of all chemicals and distilled with Australia’s purest spring water.

Kinky Nero is a rich dark Caribbean rum aged with undertones of cocoa, vanilla and raisins. Its light-bodied counterpart, Kinky Lux, is a white rum made from Caribbean sugar cane and aged in oak for a smooth, mellow and refreshing taste.

Jinn Dry Gin is the result of a seven-stage evaporative refining process and is subtly infused with hints of orange peel and spice. Tequila Blu, said to be an exceptionally smooth tequila, is distilled in Mexico from Blue Agave plants which have been matured for a decade.

The brands are stocked by leading Australian retailers such as Vintage Cellars and BWS. They are also served at bars, pubs and restaurants, including Jimmy Liks in Sydney and St Jerome’s in Melbourne.

ASM Liquor’s range of chemical-free spirits includes (L-R) Vodka O, Tequila Blu, Jinn Dry, Kinky Lux, and Kinky Nero

Apart from the four spirits, a scotch and bourbon are set for release this year.

The company will also be introducing a 1125ml bottle for the duty free channel in 2009, ASM Co-founder and Sales Director Ben Anderson told The Moodie Report.

ASM believes in producing products free of chemical impurities at an affordable price. To guarantee the purest smooth-sipping spirits, the company has exclusive agreements with top raw materials suppliers from around the globe.

Anderson said: “Consumers really have very little choice and frequently pay a premium for poor quality products. Our brands are sexy in style and price tag, but they’re also better quality than many commercially advertised brands in the $70 to $80 range.

“However it’s important to remember that all alcohol needs to be consumed in responsible quantities, irrespective of its content. While ASM’s range is “˜better for you’ with a superior taste, it is still an alcoholic beverage, which should always be consumed responsibly,” he added.

About ASM Liquor

Established in 2003 by Ben Anderson and Simon Sibia, ASM Liquor was developed to offer more value to the global spirits industry.

Anderson and Sibia felt the industry was oligarchical and outdated, with just three or four corporate giants controlling hundreds of top-name brands. Most are expensive and made for less-than-smooth drinking, thanks to the array of impurities present.

Teaming up with a chemical engineer, ASM then patented a combination of distillation and carbon-filtering to eliminate impurities, including methanol and fusel oil, from their spirits.

Its launch product, Vodka O, made its debut in 2003 and is government-certified as being free of residual pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals. The stylishly packaged brew is now stocked by some 800 retailers across Australia. It is also one of the top-selling vodkas in Australia, ranking third in sales behind Smirnoff and Absolut, said ASM Liquor.

The company’s complete product range includes Vodka O, Jinn Dry, Tequila Blu, Kinky Lux, Kinky Nero, and The Naked Scot. The latter is a premium blended highland scotch aged for three years.

ASM Liquor is currently on the lookout for investors and international distributors. Enquiries can be e-mailed to Ben Anderson, Director, ASM Liquor, at

For information on stockists, contact ASM Liquor at tel: +61 2 9692 0008. Visit

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