Linda, one of the travellers to use the ‘chapel’ in Dublin T2, proposes to her partner Frank yesterday

IRELAND. ARI Ireland installed a “˜chapel’ in the retail area at Dublin Terminal 2 yesterday to allow women to propose to their partners, as part of a one-day “˜Don’t tell the groom’ event. With widespread media coverage in Ireland, the retailer said, it helped to increase commercial dwell times as travellers arrived early to take part or observe.

In a long-standing tradition in many cultures, 29 February is the day when women can take advantage of the leap year to propose marriage to their partners. By early evening, 11 proposals and been made – and accepted – said the company. The women who proposed gained entry to a competition for a €5,000 honeymoon package from Tour America.

“The Loop retail brand developed by ARI Ireland commits to our customers in many different ways, ranging from price competitiveness to after sales service,” said ARI Ireland Director Retail Paul Neeson.

“But one of our pledges is to create a sense of theatre and excitement for passengers as part of the retail experience and we certainly succeeded in that objective today. The media coverage that we enjoyed through the day encouraged more passengers to come earlier to our shops, [and] was a significant additional commercial benefit.”