UK-based Elegantly Spirited has set its sights on travel retail listings for its Stryyk zero-proofed spirits.

The brand aims to offer travellers a “flavour-driven and stylish alternative to alcohol”.

Its three expressions emulate the flavours of gin, vodka and rum and are said to be 100% natural, without sugar, fat and artificial colours.

Introducing Stryyk: Offering ‘all the spirit, none of the alcohol’.

Stryyk was created by Elegantly Spirited CEO and Funkin Cocktails Founder Alex Carlton. His zero-proofed spirits target “the next generation of partygoers” and capitalise on the “growing trends for sobriety”. Stryyk features an ‘all the spirit, none of the alcohol’ catchline.

The brand noted Health Survey for England research which indicates that Millennials and Generation Zs are drinking less, and that the trend is accelerating, with more than one in three 16-24 year olds in the UK abstaining from alcohol.

“Research shows that teetotalism is becoming increasingly mainstream among younger generations who are looking for credible alternatives to soft drinks,” Carlton said.

“With so many consumers now choosing to stay sober or drink less, it is important for operators to remain relevant, meet consumer needs and embrace this new trend. Also, as the airline industry continues to focus on reducing the amount of alcohol consumed pre and inflight, now is the perfect time to include a credible zero-proof alternative on drinks menus.”

Stryyk targets a new generation of drinkers who are looking for alternatives to alcohol and soft drinks.

Stryyk is distilled and bottled in the UK, with Stryyk Not Gin, Not Vodka and Not Rum presented in stand-out bottles with cork closures. All three variants are available in a 70cl bottle. A 37.5cl bottle to target gifting in travel retail, and a 5cl bottle for inflight service, will be available shortly.

Stryyk Not Vodka combines capsicum and cucumber and menthol while Stryyk Not Gin includes hints of coriander, sage and basil, with juniper notes. Stryyk Not Rum blends sugar care and raisin notes with vanilla and oak wood tones.

Stryyk launched in the UK domestic market in 2018 and has secured listings in a range of bars and venues.