SWITZERLAND. Zürich Airport turnover from retail and food & beverage climbed by +2.5% year-on-year in January, hitting CHF42 million (US$44.7 million). Within this, airside sales surged by +6.3%%, with landside sales down by -2%).

The figures almost matched by a +2.7% rise in passenger traffic in the month, to 2 million. This was led by long-haul traffic, which grew by +4.8%, with traffic on European routes up by +1.8% year-on-year.

Turnover per departing passenger in the month fell by -0.2% to CHF41.70 (US$44.39), though in airside areas this rose by +3.5% (-4.6% landside).

How sales and spend across retail and food & beverage (airside and landside) broke down at Zürich Airport in January