SWITZERLAND. Zürich Airport turnover from retail and dining climbed by 3.2% year-on-year in 2018 to reach CHF593.8 million (US$603.5 million). The key contributor by channel was airside sales, which grew by a healthy 5.6%, with landside sales down marginally (0.1%). The key figure of airside spend per passenger slipped by 0.2% to CHF22.70 (US$23.07) in the year.

Mixed picture: First-half growth in average spend has been tempered by recent softness (click to enlarge).

In December, commercial turnover reached CHF51.1 million (US$52 million), a fall of 0.8% compared to December 2017. Airside spend per passenger fell 5.5% to CHF24.50 (US$24.90). Average spend has declined in each of the past four months (see table), a period in which the Euro has fallen in value against the Swiss Franc.

Passenger traffic growth of 5.8% outstripped that of commercial growth, with total volumes hitting a record high of 31.1 million. Within this, intercontinental (long haul) traffic climbed by 11.2% and traffic to and from European locations by +4.2%.

Long-haul traffic made a healthy contribution to passenger growth in a record 2018, reports Zürich Airport (click to enlarge).