DENMARK. Airmagine has struck agreements to provide airport digital advertising services to Esbjerg Airport and Nordic Seaplanes.

The company, which is owned by the Danish media corporation Egmont, has installed seven new screens at Esbjerg and has set up digital advertising screens on behalf of Nordic Seaplanes in terminals at Copenhagen and Aarhus airports.

Screens managed by Airmagine are found throughout the terminals of its client Copenhagen Airport.

Airmagine will sell advertisements on behalf of its two new clients and then manage display, using the newly-installed screens. Airmagine Director Jesper Høyer Andersen said: “We are very pleased that Esbjerg Airport and Nordic Seaplanes have now become part of our network.

“At Airmagine we have a fully scalable concept that can be adapted to large airports with millions of passengers as well as smaller organisations who want to offer an exclusive and professional digital boost to business partners and advertisers.”

Nordic Seaplanes will use Airmagine’s services at Copenhagen and Aarhus airports, where digital advertising screens have been installed on its behalf.

Nordic Seaplanes is the operator of a long-established seaplane service which flies between Copenhagen and Aarhus. CEO Lasse Rungholm said: “Through Nordic Seaplanes, advertisers have access to an attractive target group, and the agreement with Airmagine means that we can present our passengers with relevant advertising campaigns, which is a natural extension of the unique experience we offer.”

Other established Airmagine airport clients include Copenhagen and London City.

Airmagine has playlists at each advertisement position based on that location’s variables and reach.

Airmagine said that it has built an intelligent media platform that distributes playlists across airports giving advertisers, brands and agencies the opportunity to reach specific target groups with relevant content throughout the day.

Numerous variables are taken into account, such as movement patterns, flight information, passenger information, dwell time, and more.

The core of Airmagine’s system is Advision software, which allows intelligent booking, handling and execution of advertising campaigns.

Andersen said: “At Airmagine, we pride ourselves with being the world’s first truly digital airport advertising company on the market since 2015. When others were still thinking in traditional analogue outdoor advertising solutions, we built a complete digital advertising platform that enables advertisers and buyers from around the world to target specific groups.

“Buying is based on contact estimates and CPM prices, combined with documentation and delivery reports based on actual traffic data. We want to provide airports with the best solutions within advanced and intelligent digital advertising.”

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