DFS Group has partnered with Brown-Forman Global Travel Retail to create a new travel retail exclusive Jack Daniel’s range inspired by the personality, reputation and vibrancy of five great cities.

Travellers will have the opportunity to purchase the bottles, drawn from a specially selected Jack Daniel’s 100 Proof Barrel, in those cities’ international airports: Singapore, New York JFK, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu.

The range was developed as a collaboration between DFS Group’s wines and spirits merchandising team and Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. The special city-themed bottles of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey are available from this month at DFS wines and spirits stores at each location.

Curated collection: The Singapore version of Jack Daniel’s 100 Proof Traveler’s Exclusive

In a first of its kind collaboration between DFS and Brown-Forman, the city-themed bottles contain Jack Daniel’s 100 Proof Traveler’s Exclusive Single Barrel Tennessee whiskey and carry special medallions featuring quotes or witticisms associated with Jack Daniel’s or the whiskey he created. New York JFK, San Francisco and Honolulu will have around 240 of the 750 ml bottles – representing the typical content of a Jack Daniel’s barrel.  Singapore and LA will have considerably more. Each bottle comes in a gift box.

Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett said: “This was an especially fun and exciting project for me as I have spent considerable time in each of these cities and love their vastly different personalities and vibrancies. The DFS team and I began discussing our experiences in the different cities – touching on their vibes, lifestyles, cuisines, landscapes and social atmospheres. I then focused on these various attributes while going about sampling the barrels of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey until finding the perfect fit. The DFS team and I feel pretty comfortable that the folks who purchase and enjoy these whiskies will agree with our selections.”

DFS Group Senior Vice President Wines, Spirits, Tobacco, Food and Gift Brooke Supernaw said: “It’s been a pleasure to partner with Jack Daniel’s and Jeff Arnett to craft something truly local for our customers. At DFS, we believe there is no better way to commemorate your journey than to take home the taste of one of your favourite destinations. We look forward to delighting customers with this unique take on curating a whiskey assortment and hope they join us on the journey to discover all five flavours from across the world.”

Jeff Arnett’s tasting notes and observations of the barrels selected: 

Honolulu:“This Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel was selected for Honolulu due to its sweet aromatics, bright flavours, and light, yet warm finish. A whiskey as friendly and approachable as the Aloha State itself.”

San Francisco: This Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel was selected due to its complex, but balanced character.  Its layers hold an eclectic mix of sweet and oak flavours that are as unique as the city of San Francisco.”

New York JFK:“This Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel was selected for New York due to its diversity of robust flavours. It offers a complexity and boldness that is rare to find in an individual barrel, but is perfect for a city that never sleeps.”

Los Angeles: These Jack Daniel’s Single Barrels were selected for Los Angeles due to their complexity and variation in flavour. With a long warm finish and many layers to explore, this whiskey is perfect in any social setting.”

Singapore: This collection of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrels was selected for Singapore due to their booming aromatics. Colourful and sweet with smooth and warm finishes, they are as lush as the city for which they were selected.”