GERMANY. A hotel that lets transit passengers stay without having to leave the security zone has opened at Frankfurt Airport.

Described as Germany’s first transit hotel, ‘MY CLOUD’ also lets travellers book rooms for just a few hours if they so choose (minimum stay is three hours).

Terminal 1 Transit A, Z

Plate-glass windows extending up from the floor provide airfield views

The MY CLOUD Hotel is located at Gate Z 25 in Terminal 1 (close to the departure gates) and opened on 6 March. It has 59 rooms and each is furnished with a bed, a desk and a stool and includes a separate bathroom with shower. Free Wi-Fi and an ‘infotainment’ system with a digital date calendar are also available.

The reception desk is staffed around the clock, and sandwiches and other snacks and beverages can be purchased from a vending machine.

“This hotel is more than simply another addition to our range of offerings,” said Fraport Head of Real Estate & Properties Christian Balletshofer. “It is a genuine innovation that delivers exactly what many of our customers want. The hotel’s rooms are designed to let them relax and enjoy their time at the airport in privacy.”

Hering Service invested in the hotel and is now running it. “This hotel project has the character of a start-up,” said the company’s Managing Director Georg Huckestein.

Terminal 1 Transit A, Z