Diamond-Veneer makes use of patent-pending Nanocrystalline diamond coating technology

US. US-based jewellery company Zirconmania is set to introduce its new Diamond-Veneer collection at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas in March.

Launched in November 2008, the Diamond-Veneer claims to be “the ultimate diamond stimulant”. It is based on the cubic zirconia, a man-made gemstone, and is manufactured using an innovative Nanocrystalline diamond coating technology.

The coating process is the subject of a pending patent, and involves the application of Nanocrystalline diamond particles (size below 50nm) uniformly on all cut surfaces of premium grade cubic zirconia. Each Nanodiamond particle is pure diamond with all its optical and physical properties.

The result of this coating process is a gem that is almost indistinguishable from the real deal. “It is virtually impossible to visually identify Diamond-Veneer as anything but a diamond,” the company said.

“The only way to positively identify Diamond-Veneer is by its weight, hardness and chemical component. The index of refraction and dispersion of cubic zirconia get modified as a result of the Nanocrystalline diamond coating treatment,” it added.

About Zirconmania

Founded in 1986, Zirconmania has its main showroom in the Los Angeles California Market Center. It also has a showroom in New York. The company has been exhibiting at “˜Accessories The Show’ in New York and in Las Vegas for the last 15 years.

Besides the Diamond-Veneer Collection, the company also carries Zirconite, a cubic zirconia collection designed, handcrafted and sold exclusively through Zirconmania worldwide.

For more information, contact Zirconmania at tel: +1 213 2360809, fax: +1 213 236-0822, or e-mail: jacob@zirconmania.com. Visit www.Zirconmania.com.